Kiddy back cover illustration scanned from my copy of the Silent Möbius doujinshi "Metallic Rain" by Fujisawa Kaoru (as Heisei AMP).

Preliminary Erari Quinn designs by Umetsu Yasuomi. Scanned from my copy of “Wizard Barristers ~ Benmashi Cecil Umetsu Yasuomi Design Works”.

Time for another one of my old anime singles in a 320kb rip. This time it’s the OP single from the fairly unmemorable Iketeru Futari TV series, performed by Kimura Yuki. While the TV series itself was nothing to write home about, the OP was hugely catchy. Please enjoy “Fall in YOU” alongside C/W track, “Windy scene”.

♥ Kimura Yuki — Fall in YOU C/W Windy scene

1. Fall in YOU
2. Windy scene
Fall in YOU (Instrumental)
The single is password protected. To open it, type in hotwaterandmilk. This rip is for sample purposes only. If you like what you hear, don’t be a jerk — make sure you purchase the original CD.

Sorry for the lack of activity guys, I’m afraid I’ve been unwell for the past few days. I’ll have new content from a variety of sources to add here next week, promise! (And GANGSTA:CURSED. #2 for FYG.)

Adorable chibi Nurse Lebia scanned from my copy of Kimura Sumire’s “5 O’Clock Tea de Chakai o” Silent Möbius doujinshi.