Sharing another of my old anime singles in a 320kb rip. This time it’s the OP/ED single for the Musekinin Kanchou Tylor TV series. It contains “just think of tomorrow” (OP) and “Down Town Dance” (ED), both performed by Sasaki Mari. If you’re as old as me, these themes likely still haunt your brain. Ah, the ’90s.

♥ Sasaki Mari — just think of tomorrow C/W Down Town Dance + [mirror]

1. just think of tomorrow
2. Down Town Dance (ダウン タウン ダンス)
just think of tomorrow (Original Karaoke)
The single is password protected. To open it, type in hotwaterandmilk. This rip is for sample purposes only. If you like what you hear, please purchase the original CD like I did. ^^

The ladies of AMP scanned from the Silent Möbius doujinshi “YAH! Vol. 3” by Fujisawa Kaoru (as KIDDY-LAND).

Luna Appreciation × Sailor Moon Crystal 02

Preliminary Wedding Peach illustration by series character designer, Tadano Kazuko. Scanned from my copy of the doujinshi “MoMo-MaRu Zukan vol. 1”.


Commission to makototachibananasplit

Technically my commission, but hey the more the merrier~! I had a ridiculously specific idea in mind related to a stupid OTP from a stupid old series and Einar made it work. Better than I could have imagined, even. Great experience & totally recommended. ^^