Covers scanned from my copy of Aniya Yuiji’s HEN-PEST doujinshi. This book features Kou and Hime from Aniya’s Tempest manga in a parallel scenario where Kou is male and Hime… well, he’s still a dude too. Explicit masturbation and sex ensues.


You’ve posted half of my “GANGSTA. ARTWORKS” artbook scans on Tumblr without so much as a link back to FYG, which you follow. That’s one of the only things we ask of downloaders. I don’t care about scan credit, but when you choose not to link back to the source of your images on places like Tumblr, others are then unable to find information on the original product, artist and series. Please consider those less familiar with the title/artbook than yourself and point them back to where they can find out more in the future. Thank you.

New 4koma by Kohske scanned from my copy of the first GANGSTA. Drama CD booklet. I feel this is a pretty important moment.

Asamiya Kia’s preliminary Roy & Katsumi illustration vs. the finished product. The end result was featured on matching CD single covers. I scanned the preliminary design from Asamiya/Kikuchi’s “Rough File #4” gengashuu doujinshi. The colour art was scanned from one of the Silent Möbius kanzenban galleries. 


Dear GANGSTA. fandom,

This is Alex Benedetto. She’s complex, she’s beautiful and she’s a woman of colour. When you edit images of Alex you can Photoshop like crazy while still acknowledging and respecting that she’s a WOC. There’s no reason to edit her so that she appears white. Seriously, there isn’t.


It depresses the hell out of me that a year after I posted this, I’m having to reblog it because every second day my dash is covered in whitewashed edits of Alex (and on the odd occasion, Galahad). How is this acceptable? Alex, GANGSTA.'s heroine, is canonically a bi-racial woman of Chinese and African-American heritage. Respect this when you're editing her images. I don't want to be all ~fandom police~ about this shit, but GANGSTA. has multiple characters of colour in well-developed key roles. Surely we can do better by them and their creator when we edit images.