The heroines of Silent Möbius from the 1992 doujinshi “Pinky AMP” by Fujisawa Kaoru (as KIDDY-LAND).

Yuki illustration scanned from the second Silent Möbius Tales kanzenban.


I love that “Wedding Peach” gives us the message that “Girls in love are the strongest” in one episode title, completely going against the fandom’s ridiculous notion of strong independent females.

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Lebia scanned from the first Silent Möbius movie novelisation.

Another day, another set of my GANGSTA. scans reposted on Tumblr without a link back to FYG. How are people meant to find these scans in full if nobody points them in the right direction? I try so damn hard for this fandom but between the rude messages I receive demanding content and this crap, I swear it’s going to be the death of me. :(