Snapshots of Tokyo as it appears in the first Silent Möbius film. All images scanned from my copy of “Silent Möbius The Motion Picture Comp Collection Special”.

Cover art and preliminary designs scanned from my copy of “Wizard Barristers ~ Benmashi Cecil Umetsu Yasuomi Design Works”.

Cover of the first Silent Möbius QD volume illustrated by Asamiya Kia and featuring the heroine, Majikina Aoi. Originally slated for an October 6th release, the volume has been delayed until November 6th.

This is partially to tie its debut in with an exhibition of Silent Möbius art Asamiya is holding entitled Silent Möbius Gate. The exhibition will feature art from the entire history of the franchise and will be held on the 7th floor of Kichijoji PARCO between October 24th and November 11th. There will be an autograph session with the author for the launch of the book and various Silent Möbius goods for sale over the course of the exhibition.

I wish I could go~ ;o;

Marco departs for “that place” — GANGSTA. #36

Katsumi Liqueur fashion scanned from my copy of Silent Möbius The Motion Picture Comp Collection Special.